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stolen from heather 
3rd-May-2007 11:32 am
I must say, it's an interesting day when I am thinking, "Well hot diggity damn ... unborn fetuses tend to have more rights than I do."

It's almost true. The Supreme Court ruling baning the D&E Abortion procedure, which mind you is mostly done in the 2nd & 3rd Trimesters of pregnancy, a rare procedure that is also done mostly for life and health of the woman, complications with pregnancy and developmental abnormalities of a fetus. I support this procedure and the fact that it is the safest procedure for these types of later term abortions makes me support it even more.

Of course, you have ignorant assholes that think that well, my mother risked her life to give birth to me and look, we're both alive ... in fact, I just finished a debate with this person. Well, you know, your mother MADE THAT FUCKING CHOICE. And you know what else, that's fucking awesome she made that choice. Sometimes we all won't make the same decisions as others. Sometimes even if a woman has tried desperately for years to get pregnant, only to find out it's better for her own health and safety to have a late term abortion and she chooses that, well fuck yah ... because you know what? I support her decision and I ALWAYS think she should have all options open to her.

I have also been told that a mother's love for a child is pure love, even while pregnant. Which can be possible. Someone today told me this and acted like I was completely ignorant to the fact of this. Knowing that that person does not have a child, nor has she ever had an abortion. Seriously ... wtf?

So, today I get an email from Planned Parenthood of MN, SD & ND, they state that Gov Hoeven of ND has signed HB 1466. This is the law that a bunch of, for the majority, white, old, conservative men who can't get their dicks up decided to pass. This is the abortion law, meaning when and if Roe v Wade is overturned, that abortion - ALL ABORTION in ND will be made illegal, including a woman's life & health and in cases of rape and incest.

There's also some more going on.

SB 2400: Full citizenship rights for fetuses
And this is what I mean. Today I can say that I feel as though this, 2 week along fetus in the apartment next to me has more rights than I do. That the law can protect this thing, while me - being a 24 year old woman, mother, student, PERSON who was already born back in 1982 - can't make her own health decisions and are very fast deterreating as the days go by.

HB 1494: Ban on public funds for genetic testing.
Ok? Who the fuck was the brilliant ass who designed this? WTF would you not allow this? Please, please oh please ... tell me what is wrong with this. Oh, is it all those little single slutty mothers with bastard children?

HB 1464: Requires state scripting of physicians.
Oh nice ... so know if I ever do need to drive 70 miles to Fargo to have an abortion, risk getting my picture taken - as well as my license plate by some FREAK of a man who is highly against abortion and completely infringing on my rights as a human being, a woman making a HEALTH decision that now I need to listen to the only abortion provider in North Dakota say things that will and are clearly untrue and provided by a bunch of ignorant non-medical for the majority men in the ND Senate and House. Now I get to hear, after making the choice to have an abortion - "well, Heather ... you will more than likely get breast cancer and you will probably not be able to reproduce in the future. Oh, look at the baby swimming on the screen ... you know, this fetus knows it's getting aborted ... look at how sad it is. Let's name it!"

HB 1489: Ban on common birth control methods

So, yes ... let's decide to ban birth control. Because you know condoms are made by the devil and do nothing. Let's up the risk of HIV and STI's in ND and be the first state with the highest of every STI, EVER! Also, let's ban all other forms that prevent pregnancy so then these women will get pregnant and then they will want abortions, but hahahahaha ... THEY CAN'T because we've outlawed that! So now ... we can have them drive to a neighboring state, but maybe we'll pass laws to where you can't do that, so women will use hangers for their abortions and die. And yes, fucking die.

But you know, these days that fetus in that apartment next to you, down the street ... IS SO MUCH MORE FUCKING IMPORTANT TO YOU. Because you know why, you're a stupid girl who can't make her own health decisions. Right?
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